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Hungaroring Kart Center
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Just a step away from Formula 1 Track!
Hungaroring Kart Centre and its open-air ring were created with an exciting and fast-paced small track in mind, with difficult corners, the sort where future F1 drivers can begin.
Come and experience small-scale F1 first hand! Hungaroring Kart Centre is right in the middle of Hungary’s one F1 track and now it has state of the art go-karts, just waiting for the right driver to come along.
Guests can enjoy the view or wait for their turn in the newly refurbished café, or on the terrace with a refreshing drink in the shade.
Lap times and overall line-up are displayed on screens throughout the race. The technically demanding track is good for learning and racing as well, and the top-notch tarmac takes care of sliding. The track has lights all around, allowing for night races too.
One lap is 461 metres (about 500 yards), and the track is lined with tires and bumpers all around. Racers can follow their progress on the chart on the display above the home stretch and results are printed at the end of the race.
The go-karts that run the laps are GT4 SODI karts powered by 10 hp Honda GX 270 cm3 engines that stand up to any expectations racers might have. They’re the latest in go-karts, safe and sound (and best of all, pretty quick) machines, results of 30 years’ worth of expertise. Do come and visit Hungaroring Kart Centre as the warmer days are upon us. With offers for one-timers and regulars, learners and racers alike, Hungaroring Kart Centre provides an exciting experience worth repeating for.