Japanese Restaurant
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Japanese Restaurant
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Fuji on top, like a peak of a mountain, renewed, redecorated in full fling with a new balcony!

There are more and more sushi bars and restaurants but Fuji – the „ambassador” of Japanese cuisine, accredited to Hungary 22 years ago – is on top both in quality and services.
In the past 22 years not only the public but catering experts also appreciated and rewarded the restaurant and the performance of the people working there. To only mention a few of the latest ones: in 2008-2009-2010-2011-2012 winner of Best of Budapest prize, in 2008,2009,2010,2011 chosen into the top 50 Hungarian restaurants, in 2011 winner of Top Asian Restaurant of Hungary prize. It is recommended by several publications: Gault and Millau 2012,Time Out 2011,BBJ 2012 etc.
As customers like to have their healthy and tasty meals in a nice environment, special attention is paid to service and atmosphere which have also changed in the last year.
Let’s see why Fuji restaurant is worth visiting and what their secret is. While we talk to Antal Elek chef , who has been training in Japan for 20 years, tells us that they only use especially good quality ingredients for example tuna from the southern-Spaniard Sea or shrimps from Malaysia always freshly shipped more than once per week. Also, the special tastes of ingredients are not only preserved but emphasized while preparing the meal so we can enjoy the authentic, special and genuine taste of Japanese cuisine.
Additionally he mentions that besides good quality ingredients, the secret of exceptionally delicious meals is expertise. The kitchen staff is supervised by Masato Usuda, Japanese chef (living in Hungary since 1995), who is a well known chef, has been trained by several senseis in Japan and is skillful and fast with his hands. Furthermore, he says that Sushi restaurant serves both the sushi and sashimi, which are known all over the world, and hot meals that are just as much part of the traditional Japanese cuisine.
This is why their renewed menu of 2013, which consists of 200 different types of meals including hot meals and modern meals, closer to European taste still follows the traditional main stream of Japanese cuisine. We can taste meals prepared on sight by either the waiter or by ourselves at the table such as Sukiyaki,Shabu-Shabu,Yudofu Nabe etc. There are spectacular counters serving Teppanyaki-,Sushi as well. If you wish to dine in a separated room in a group of between 2 and 33 or have a business lunch or dinner, you can book from the 4 authentic tatami rooms. Dr. Judit Vihar, President of the Hungarian-Japanese Companionship Group helps and supports Fuji in every possible way.
Balázs Major, CEO, who was the manager of Fuji from 1996 to 2000, too, has brought back the high standard of the ’good old days’. He and his staff have been able to wake every little detail of the restaurant from its dreams since 2011. They have refreshed the menu of 200 types of food. The growing number of customers shows that many of the old regulars have come back besides the new Hungarian and foreign guests. Every Japanese citizen or company residing in or visiting Hungary get a discount of 15%.
The restaurant adds to the nice and cosy atmosphere with a balcony decorated with plants and flowers so that we can enjoy Japanese gastronomy together with the sight and fresh air of ’Rózsadomb’, one of the most beautiful parts of Buda.
There is a possibility of food-delivery with a significant discount of even 20-30%, if you wish to have your meal at home all you have to do is order via internet ( ). Fuji will not disappoint you if you would like to treat your guests with Japanese food at private or business parties, at business meetings as it also has a Party service to meet such requests.