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Gunaras bath
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Gunaras is situated in Tolna County, some 3 kms from Dombóvár. Since 1977, its medicinal water has helped restore the health of visitors who suffer from motor system disorders, gastric, intestinal or spleen conditions, or gynaecological, gum or mouth diseases. The treatments are also effective post-operation as well as for certain respiratory and cardiovascular problems, and skin diseases. Up until the first half of the last century, present-day Gunarasfürdő was a goose pond, hence the name (literally, ‘Goose Spa’). Local tradition has it that the women who worked on the nearby cornfields would wash their feet at the spring on their way home. They then told others that the water alleviates and even eliminates rheumatic pain. The first stage of the construction was commenced on 16 July 1972 and completed on 15 May 1973.