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With Sportkártya you can access close to 400 sport facilities in Hungary. It is like having a season ticket pass close to 400 sport facilities in Hungary. Access more than 30 sports and close to 100 different activities with Sportkártya (e.g. fitness, wellness, aerobic, spinning, wall climbing, trx, cross-fit, yoga, squash, dance, poledance, etc.). Enjoy the same rights as season ticket owners. All this for the monthly fee of an average gym pass.

With your ISIC card you can demand the Sportkártya package of your choice on an average 35% discount. (The only difference between our packages is in the number of accessible sport facilities – you can check these facilities on our homepage.)

To order your Sportkártya, please visit our homepage, and under the ORDER section, choose the APPLICATION FOR COLLEAGUES tab and fill the form. To the „Name of company” please write: ISIC. You can get our discount by showing us your ISIC card.

Order your Sportkártya with this discount, bring out the best of you and defeat yourself every week!