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L2 offers ISIC and ITIC Cardholders an initial 7-day trial following by 33% discount (for both monthly and yearly) individual subscriptions to WORDREADY Academic English.

WORDREADY helps you learn the English words you need when studying. It is very useful for students who are going to an English-speaking university or college. It is also great for learning words quickly before an exam, for example IELTS.

WORDREADY remembers the words you are learning and helps you not to forget them. You get a personal account that you can use from anywhere. WORDREADY Academic English teaches you the most important words you need when reading and writing.

WORDREADY is new and exciting and was awarded a prize by the British Council. This is what our users are saying about WORDREADY: „Thank you for this amazing program. It is really a good program that helps me a lot in memorising the vocabulary!”

„It’s a very useful tool I must say, and it provides reassurance when learning new concepts. I attained a high mark thanks to its help.”