General Conditions and Terms

I. The OTP Travel Company, as the service provider and data manager

The OTP Travel Llc. (data management record number: 40231 furthermore: Data manager, Service provider) is running the website under the domain name of „”.
(OTP Travel Llc., Headquarters: 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 7-9.,  C.number: 01-09-060469, Tax number: 10174902-2-41.), Mailing address: 1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 7-9., Phone number: +36-1-354-7313, Fax: +36-354-7330, E-mail address:

The service provider and data manager respect the constitutional fundamental law addressing the protection of personal data, which states that every consumer has the right to the disclosure and usage of their own personal data, as well as the right to the secrecy of correspondence.


Fundamental Law
–    Act CLV of 1997. on consumer protection
–    The Hungarian Civil Code
–    17/1999. (II.5) Government Decree
–    Act CXII of 2011. on the right to informational self-determination and not the freedom of information
–    Act CXIX of 1995. on the use of name and address information serving the purposes of research and direct marketing
–    Act VI of 1998. on the protection of individuals regarding automatic processing of personal data based on the agreement in Strasbourg on the 28th of January 1981.
–    Act CVIII of 2001. on electronic commerce and on information society services

The OTP Travel Llc. based on the legislations above, and with the consumers interests in mind, the other Hungarian laws on data management, the data protection routine formed from the activities of the data protection general, and keeping in mind the future routine, which is not yet, but will be formed based on the legislation changes, sees the general conditions of the contract and the data protection declaration as stated below:

III. The products, services and their price offered by OTP Travel Llc.

OTP Travel Llc. is a business organization working on the sales of the international student card (ISIC) and the international teacher card (ITIC). The OTP Travel Llc. ensures the possibility of the online purchase of both plastic and virtual international cards (ISIC; ITIC) on the website The pictures portraying the card types are realistic.

Delivery fees when ordering a plastic card:
The postage fee inside of Hungary:    600,- HUF
The postage fee outside of Hungary: 1.100,- HUF

The plastic cards ordered on our website can also be picked up in person at the OTP Travel office indicated during the order placement.

IV. The application process

  1.  Choosing the card type by clicking the „Order” button
  2.   Choosing the delivery and the payment method:
    a.    Personal pick up: the costumer picks up the card and pays with cash or card at the OTP Travel office chosen during the order placement.
    b.    Delivery by mail paid online or by bank transfer: the customer pays for the card by credit card and inputs the mailing address where the order will be shipped to.
  3. Filling out the data sheet
  4. Uploading the certifying documents and the identification picture.
  5.  Checking and correcting the uploaded data: through clicking on „Back” button. Given that all data is correct, the order is approved by clicking on „Request” button
  6. The last step is sending the request to OTP Travel Llc.
  7. The system sends a confirmation e-mail if the request went through successfully. The request is only valid if the customer service validates it through the phone or by e-mail.

The orders are processed during workdays from 8.30 until 17.00.
If the order arrives outside of work hours, it will be processed the next working day.

Cancellation Policy

If the ordered product has been delivered, the customer can cancel their purchase for 8 working days from the delivery date. In this case, OTP Travel Llc. is obligated to return the product’s fee in 30 days after the cancellation and the return of the product. The fee return does not include the delivery fee, and the customer is responsible for paying the cost of the return.