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Bartók Museum
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The renowned house on Csalán Road, which guards and promulgates the memory of the greatest genius of Hungarian music, was built in the skirts of the forests-hills of Buda in 1924. In those years, the neighbourhood, with exuberantly splendid gardens and only a few houses, was more a part of what we would call it today – a “landscape protection district”, than the noisy Capital. The composer, who could not stand the clamour of the metropolis, the din of machines and engines and the inquisitive and prying nature of people, found an ideal home in the district rich in fragrant fresh air and tranquillity only broken by the twittering of birds. From 1932, the house and garden previously bearing the number 27, and later number 29 as historical fate will it so was Béla Bartók’s last residence in Hungary. Now it is a museum, more precisely, it is a memorial site that attentively guards Bartók’s personal belongings and regularly evokes his spirit through his music.