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Guess – The world famous brand of sophisticated passion in Debrecen

From now on, the lively and sexy accessories of Guess will be available in the centre of Debrecen. On the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the brand, Guess is ready to bring sophisticated sensuality and positive energy to our town.

Guess was set up by Georges, Armand, Paul and Maurice Marciano in 1981 after moving from France to California. The brand got famous for its special stonewashed jeans. They managed to alter the associations belonging to the item and revolutionized denim fashion. Although Guess was associated exclusively with denim in the 80s, it did not take long to launch watches and other accesories. The secret of Guess is that its creations do not follow the actual trends by hook or by crook. The reason why so many celebrities choose to wear Guess may be that now a unique attitude to life is also associated with the brand.

Guess attitude is brave and sensual, totally American – with a pinch of cosmopolitanism.

However, luxurious design is matched with reasonable price rate – another reason why the brand deserves admiration. Chiselled handbags, feminine footwear, trendy purses, youngish watches, sparkling jewellery – the most popular items of the brand within reach.