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Montenegroi Gurman Restaurant
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We opened our restaurant at the 12th of March 2010, with the objective to bring the real Serbian-Montenegrin food close to the inhabitants of Budapest.

The well-known dishes such as the Pljeskavica, Csevapcsicsa, Ustipak are made according to the original recipes, only from veal meat.

Our chefs came from Serbia-Montenegro to bring the AUTHENTIC flavors to Budapest!

Not only for those who are the lovers of southeast-europian food but also for those who has the need for high quality fast-food restaurant we were to create an optimal place to go.
We work with fresh, quality base materials, and make all of our dishes freshly. The bread we serve is made locally by our Serbian baker.

Not only our dishes but the clean, designed, friendly environment also fulfill the request of those who are looking for qualified fast-food restaurant.