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Park Spa
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Bathing culture reached such a level at the end of the 1950’ies that the lake of sodic water did not meet the demands of the public anymore. It was discovered that there is thermal water under the ground. That time in 1957, for the advice of Ferenc Pávai-Vajna geologist, drilling started, and they found of water of 49-50 Celsius with iodine and bromide content. In the next ten years three more wells were drilled.

The Spa with parks and nice atmosphere changed a lot in 2011, where guests now have 10 pools instead of 5 as earlier. The 50-m swimming pool was renovated, which now comlies with international FINA standards. Our thermal section got three new thermal pools, also in one of them a PoolBar was created, where our guests can have their refreshing cocktails sitting in water. The former Italian pool was renewed as well: two new slides, a run-off way and a shadowed Jacuzzi are expecting you. Besides these, the youg and the old can choose among numerous relaxing opportunities. There is a giant slide, a water-footbal pitch, inflatable water toys, a playground, a beach football and volleyball pitch in the Spa. In the women’s sunbathing court you have got the opportunitzy for nude sunbathing as well. We also have many buffets. In harmony with its name, hundreds of plants and a rock-garden make the Spa even more enchanting.