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Pesti Vigadó
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The Pesti Vigadó!
One of the most compelling buildings of Budapest hosting a social and cultural reception space is open again: the refurbished Vigadó Concert Hall awaits visitors from 10.00 to 19.00 daily.
Vigadó, which opened its gates to the general public in 1865, is located on the Danube Embankment, and can be approached from Vigadó square Landing Stage on foot within three minutes. Vigadó is one of Budapest’s must-see attractions with its unique Lobby, Ornamented Stairs, Ceremonial Hall and unparalleled panorama. Next to the ticket desk, Vigadó Gallery is a venue for contemporary Hungarian artists’ works. The Ceremonial Hall, which saw Franz Liszt, Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler perform live, and the adjoining Northern and Southern Rooms accommodate concerts. The Chamber Theatre on the 4th floor is a space for staging theatrical events, films and live performances by the Royal Opera House (UK). The exhibitions halls on the 5th and 6th floors host temporary exhibitions and vibrant cultural events of diverse kinds. With its special view to the Buda Castle and the Citadel, the Panoramic Balcony on the 6th floor overlooking the River Danube offers an ideal setting for relaxation: refreshments from the café located on the balcony and the specialities of the restaurant on the ground floor provide ample opportunities to unwind in the company of savoury smells after visiting the exhibitions.