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RaceCenter Car Racing Simulator Center
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RaceCenter, Car Racing Simulator Center

Party in the downtown in the Racecenter car racing simulator center!

Race your friends in 10 simulators and party in the same venue. 10-20-30 person may compete in a championship.

Choose from 100+ track and 20+ car. Special experience packages!

Just run a few laps before a party or immerse yourself for ours in the thrill of racing in a championship with podium finish.

Site features a fully licensed bar for the best experience. Test yourself with our unique Drink&Drive package! Formula 1 fun? Test yourself as a top pilot on various tracks!

Not just watch – Do!

Choose from 100+ realistic tracks and 20+ cars. Release the beasts in 100% safety even beyond 320 km/h.

Race like Formula 1 pilots

Experience racing with your friends. Race several tracks and cars in 1-2 hours. 10 racers at one time, but 20-30 competitiors in a championship.

Without friends race against the time or the computer, before enjoying the sortiment in our bar.

Drink & Drive – A place to drink and drive!