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Turkish Airlines
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Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines has 10th largest fleet in the world with 352 aircrafts. As Turkey’s national flag carrier, we are proud to carry the title of “The airline flying to more countries than any other” with 126 countries and 318 worldwide destinations.

We started a new era in April 2019 by moving to our new home, Istanbul Airport, with the Great Move that materialized in record time. With one of the world’s largest and most modern airports at our service, we have left capacity constraints behind and have an excellent infrastructure to attain healthy and sustainable growth. Istanbul reinforces its claim to be a hub between the east and the west, the north and the south with the help of this mega project. By taking all opportunities, we are always nearby with 3 daily flights from Budapest.

The smile we put on your faces as Turkish Airlines, we are continuously improving the experience you have with our brand, and updating our products and services in accordance with the dynamism of our sector.

You may contact one of the ISIC Partner Offices (OTP Travel) for your tickets or TK offices with your ISIC Card.

Turkish Airlines