WACÙ – travel space saver
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Exclusive 20% off travel space saver

WACÙ® is the smallest space-saving device on the market. The size of the palm of a hand, practical, powerful, maneuverable and safe, WACÙ® draws the air out of the bag creating a perfect vacuum. But the feature that characterizes its unicity is its size, which allows you to take the device with you and also organize the luggage for your return trip maintaining hygiene. Verify your ISIC/ITIC/IYTC card to receive an exclusive 20% discount for your online purchase.

Validity: Until 31st December 2019

How to redeem the benefit:

Cardholders need to verify their card and they will see a static code displayed on the page, “ISIC20

Verification page

WACÙ – travel space saver